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Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Thoughts are things! And powerful things at that, when mixed with definiteness of purpose, and burning desire, can be translated into riches.

TurquoiseTech is ready to help you with the translation of thoughts to riches way.


Software Solutions

Most of the businesses are using their own software to run their business, such as inventory management software, law case tracking software etc. If you need a solution with this software, for instance, customization, making an online dashboard which connects to this software, we are happy to help you.

Business Automation

Manual tasks are old fashion and eating your staff’s time like a monster. Making the time-consuming tasks automated, allows freeing your staff and improves your staff’s productivity.

Database Solutions

Nowadays, the information described as power. However, all critical data should be stored in Servers on a database.

Modern businesses are using these databases in an efficient way to search, analyze and learn from this data.

A well-structured database should be accessible from everywhere to one point and this provides your team can work from around the world.


Online Portals

Your clients need always a better service. Today’s most popular trend is “online portals”. You can check your electricity bills, track your conveyancing case etc. online. A well-designed portal allows your client to get their service online easily, 24/7, avoiding consume your productive team. These dashboards/online portals are increasing clients’ satisfaction and clients give good feedback to your business and this feedbacks are impressing more clients.

Workflow Solutions

Routine tasks can be automated and this makes the process more reliable. It will minimize the mistakes can be sourced from human.


The online business can be accessible 24/7 and it makes online trading more and more trend. Especially, during the pandemic situations, people understood that online business is very important.

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Turquoise Technology and Consultancy LTD is founded by Erdi Arikan in 2018. We have delivered more than 20 projects which couldn’t be done by old-fashion software companies. TurquoiseTech is working in another way, we are calling it “TT way”. The way that we are following has only one main goal, “happy customer with a quality solution”. In this way, or services are unique. We know that all businesses have different problems and these problems can be solved by particularly for that business. So, we outshine all other old-fashion software companies.
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